Let Your Writing Speak for Itself, and Be Proud of It | Molly Wizenberg

22 Feb

What my blog does is force me to show up.  That’s huge.  A lot of writers and creative people have said things along the lines of, ‘Showing up is 90% of the work,’ and that’s certainly true for me.  Sometimes, the last thing I want to do is sit down and write.  But if I show up, time and time again, it’s worth it.  Even if I think I don’t have anything to say, chances are, if I show up, and if I really put on a good show and act like I have something to say, I will. (My friend George is a poet, and he has a sweatshirt that he wears every single time he sits down to write. It’s his way of acting the part, until he feels the part.) Some of my favorite pieces of writing have come out of days when I thought I had nothing to write.  There is no ideal condition for producing creative work.  I have to remind myself of that every day. You make the conditions ideal by showing up, period. Blogs help us show up, and that’s priceless.

Molly Wizenberg of Orangette
excerpt from Dianne Jacob

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